Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Bulkhead Failed! And pictures of our new place.

Our ABF U-Pack trailer arrived on Tuesday, July 18, 2006 and when the driver opened up the doors we found the unthinkable... the bulkhead had slipped and all of our stuff had plummeted to the edge of the 28 ft trailer. Let me remind you that we only used 6 ft of the trailer. I was completely devastated and figured much of our belongings were broken.
Here are the pictures from the incident...

It turned out that only a plastic file container broke during the fall. Just another tender mercy
in our move to Atlanta. We couldn't believe it! I still cannot believe it! Like I said before, Dave did an excellent job in packing our stuff tight and I made sure that the boxes were packed full. The Elder's Quorum in our new ward helped us move in and we had fun getting to know some of them. It turns out that during the summer months they move people multiple times per week.

Here are some pictures of our new place. All of the dark furniture came from IKEA (, which we painstakingly put together just a few days before our stuff arrived. We didn't realize how annoying it is to not have a kitchen table for mealtime. Our first priority was putting together that table!

More to follow...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our Move to Atlanta, GA

July 6-10th - Dave did an excellent job loading the ABF U-Pack truck. He actually loaded nearly 4 ft of our stuff only to unload it the next day because of water leaks. Again we were blessed to have a rain shower that showed us the terrible condition of the trailer. Our stuff would have been ruined if it drove across the country in a leaky trailer. We only used 6 linear feet for all of our stuff.
We were blessed to have Carlos around to help load and put up the bulkhead with Dave. We couldn't have done it without him. Thanks so much for all the extra help from our favorite newlywed brother!

July 10, 2006 - Nathan and I pose in front of the trailer before it was picked up. Nathan loved being in the trailer and having his very own "truck." I thought I would add that I am seven months (30 weeks) expecting in this picture.

We packed so well that Nathan wasn't too crowded in the back of our car. Which was another blessing in disguise because he had diahrea the entire first day of our trip, so we had to get him out multiple times to change his diaper and clothing. Okay I just said blessing and diarhea in the same sentence. I just call it like I see it! He was unbelievably well-mannered for us on this trip. Nathan and I did so well the first day that we drove from Orem, UT all the way to Lincoln, NE. For those who might not know that this is 915 mi (about 14 hours 52 mins). We actually made it in 12 hours which included those fun stops to clean up Nathan! The wide open plains are very nice when you want to get somewhere fast!

I took this picture of Nathan because he is just too darn CUTE!! We wrapped up many trucks and other toys and gave them to him throughout the trip so he always had something new and fun to play with. I still cannot believe how well we all did on this trip across the country.