Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Watch Out Babysitting Coop

I had to post something regarding this news article. You can click on the title above to read more. I am so glad I don't live in Michigan where apparently the state knows what is best for children. YEAH RIGHT! What a bunch of power hungry bureaucrats who are trying in every way to take away individual citizen rights!

This mom watches some of her neighbor's kids each morning before they get on the bus for school. But apparently some loser neighbor turned her in to the Michigan Department of Human Services on the premise that she opened a day care in her home. So the state sends a warning letter stating she is violating the law by having an unlicensed day care center. What a joke! I am so outraged about the whole thing. Does the state of Michigan lack common sense? Since when is charity work illegal. Can we not help our neighbors and friends without the state getting involved?

The state of Michigan is currently trying to mend the matter AS THEY SHOULD! Unbelievable! Stop trampling on our rights!