Sunday, August 30, 2009

Colcord Ridge - Family Camping Trip

Our brand new tent, BYU colors of course!

The night before camping, we did a practice setup in our backyard.

The kids couldn't get enough rolling around inside.

Nothing but smiles from this snowflake princess.

Here we are eating three hour old Subway. Setting up camp takes a long time!

The sleeping beauty who decided playing with her parents all night would be more fun than actually sleeping. Thanks for the fun night, Liberty, ha!

I forgot how dirty camping is, especially with kids. Here we go, Oxiclean!

Before going home, we sidetracked over to Willow Springs Lake to capture some breathtaking views. Yeah for God's creations! We had fun chasing lizards too!

The car ride home. We didn't stop except to get some much needed Wendy's!

We had a fun time together in the mountains and look forward to the ward's annual camp out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Nathan's big day to shine on his first day of school. Here are a few pictures of my baby! ;)

NATHAN . . . walker. No, his last name is Andersen, with an E! jk (He is considered a walker because we walk a block home from school.)

Here I am trying to get Nathan to look up for the picture.
"Where is the red light on the camera?"

This spot is where you'll always find Tim when we go to Nathan's classroom. Tim: "That's when I was reading books, Mommy."

Nathan gives Tim a hug goodbye and then tells him to get out of his classroom. Nice, I know!

Is he really old enough to attend school now? The speed of time feels cruel today!