Thursday, April 30, 2009

Got Swine Flu?

Anyone out there who hasn't searched Amazon for some n-95 masks? They have all but disappeared from online stores and even better the price has escalated four-fold. I'm going to focus my attention back to my personal food storage and make sure I have extra of essential items like soap, bleach, purell, first aid supplies, etc. The problem with this outbreak is the panic that has set in our minds. More people die of the annual influenza than died in the flu pandemic of 1968 (32,000 died).

Let's just calm down and think this through rationally! BTW, this is what I keep telling myself daily! Before we stop going to public places, such as church, let us familiarize ourselves with the facts regarding the swine flu. Perhaps this swine flu will become dormant this summer, but reemerge in the fall when most of us have taken the steps to prepare our homes for such an outbreak.

Here is the Church's statement:

“Church leaders are closely monitoring news, security and medical reports regarding the swine flu outbreak. The Mexican government has requested that all churches and organizations in Mexico City and affected areas suspend public meetings and has asked residents to follow basic sanitary precautions to guard against infections. We have asked our members and missionaries to follow these precautions and Church leaders have cancelled meetings until further notice. All missionaries in the affected areas are reported to be safe.”

Whenever something like this breaks and causes panic you have to wonder if some bill or legislation is trying to be passed by Congress! Of course I am being facetious.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Why You Should Participate in TEA Party Day! (Peter Schiff)

Please watch these videos! Everyone needs to know what is going on! Dave and I found these late Saturday night and I feel like it is an answer to many questions I've had about the condition of our economy. The gentleman's name is Peter Schiff and he basically 'predicted to a t' the events in the market that have occurred in the last two years. It is unbelievable!!! Watch and learn!

On April 15, be part of the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party rally in your community.

State Capitol Building - Senate Lawn
Sponsored by: American Political Analysis
Wednesday, April 15th - Tax Day
*** New Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
1700 W. Washington St - 85007

Gilbert Administration Building
All Volunteer - Grassroots Movement
Wednesday, April 15th - Tax Day
Noon - 1:00 PM
50 E. Civic Center - 85296

All others, go to

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Support Jenn Daniels by Adding this Code to your Blog!

Who's looking out for your family? I believe Jenn Daniels is the eyes and ears we need in the Gilbert Town Council. We need to balance the budget and stop overspending on pet projects, e.g., the million dollar marble and the Field of Nightmares ballpark.

I support Jenn Daniels for
Gilbert Town Council
Gilbert Town Council

My Vote is for Jenn Daniels

I have been helping Jenn Daniels on her campaign run for the Gilbert Town Council seat. In February, I invited many of you to my house to meet her and to see for yourself the woman whose face is on the signs at every intersection, that is before someone started stealing her signs right after the primary election.

Ms. Daniels has so much energy, a great attitude and a willingness to communicate with every resident of Gilbert. She wants to streamline and cut the red tape that keeps businesses away from our town. Gilbert is known for being the worst city to start a business in and most companies are nearly broke before their front doors even open. The process needs to be examined and Gilbert needs to start improving the process sooner than later if we are to sustain the growth and cost of this growth over the next few years. The Town of Gilbert NEEDS small and large corporations or we will likely see our taxes increase.

One last thought: Why can she handle this job being a mother of young children? First, the town council meetings are at night, twice a month. Other meetings are also held at night. Second, any woman who can handle three young boys, be on the board of a pro-family organization, being fully active in her church, being married to a man, managing a household of five, surely knows more about anger management, conflict resolution, time management, employee disagreements/strifes, laundry detail, class warfare, economic sanctions, and job security than any of the other candidates.

Just my 2 cents on the subject of experience. I believe she can handle the job just fine!

The following is an outline of her platform from her website (

As a member of town council I will work hard to:

* Balance the town budget with NO NEW TAXES

Gilbert is running an 8.5 million dollar deficit. We must confront this challenge head-on.

My plan to stabilize the town budget is a four step process.

1.) Eliminate waste – this will necessitate expedient line by line critique of the town’s general fund budget.

2.) Prioritize the expenditures – define between the wants and needs of our community while sufficiently funding our core services (police, fire, streets & water).

3.) Increase the tax base – make it easier for businesses to do business in Gilbert. Change the mindset at the town level to work with local business, not against them.

4.) Save for the future – State shared revenue makes up 35% of the annual revenue budget and there is a two-year lag time on that funding. We need to be looking ahead 2-4 years and beyond to make sure that our spending isn’t exceeding our revenue.

* Create and open lines of communication within our community

There is an inexcusable disconnect between the people of Gilbert and our local government. It is essential that the council return to open and transparent communication with the people who elected them.

Want to know more or help with the campaign...leave a comment for me!