Friday, October 23, 2009

Sweden Is Going Orange - Have a Carrot Instead

The latest fad in the whole "we're killing our planet", I mean climate change, is food labels with carbon dioxide emissions. Oh yeah, apparently in Sweden it is no longer healthy/normal to eat just any vegetable or fruit because of the risk imposed on our planet. Heaven forbid, if you want a cucumber or tomato, you need to settle for a carrot because it emits far less CO2. Are these people crazy!

And don't even think about ordering a burger. Did you know that raising cattle is horrible for our planet? And eating red meat is the worst thing you can do. Earth killer!

They'll make the general public feel guilty by showing them how much CO2 is emitted because of their eating habits. They'll start with our food and then what. Oh wait that's right, they are trying to convince us that having kids is the worst thing for the planet, too. I do believe some people have gone as far as to sterilize themselves. Hallelujah! In this instance I do agree with the 'survival of the fittest' theory! Thank you for ending your gene line of stupidity.