Monday, December 06, 2010

Timothy's Solution to Tantrums

Our Tim is known to cry. He cries when hurt, when scared, when I raise my voice [read yell at him], basically he cries a lot. If we cannot calm him down he will eventually vomit because for whatever reason his little body produces way to much mucus.

So at lunch today he tells me, "Mom, only hugs will make me stop crying. Nothing else will do it." If only it were that easy. We'll try it for the next week and see if it helps.


Lindy Salmon said...

Wait a second . . . the Salmon's have fallen behind in keeping track of you guys . . . the SIX of us??? Last count we had was FIVE! Congrats, hope you are doing great.

Miss said...

Keep it up Tricia...I miss all your quirky posts. :)

Yates Family said...

Feeling like I miss your blog!?!? And hearing from you! And seeing your cute kids! And hoping life is oh so good for you right now! Miss you Tricia!